You hear it all the time from parents, teachers, coaches, and motivational speakers:

“It takes a lot of ‘HARD WORK and DEDICATION’ to be successful.”

I, myself, have heard it everywhere. And in 2009 at the gym, it just clicked.

Running on the treadmill, I had my head hung low, completely exhausted, and I thought to myself “damn, this is hard work.” I needed motivation, a message that spoke directly to me. More importantly, I needed that message to literally stare me in the face, not to be ignored.

…and that’s where it all began.

The domain was acquired that same day knowing I wanted to use it to spark a motivational revolution.

This shirt was created because we are all great at starting something— a workout, maybe, or a business plan— but most of us never finish it. We lack reminders, we lack motivation— hell, we just plain forget.

I was a perfect example of this. I was the best at starting things and the best at never finishing them.
Back in 2009 on that treadmill, however, I finally resolved to keep my head up and keep pushing forward.

After I made this shirt for myself, it occurred to me that there are plenty of others who could use this same dose of motivation. So, in 2011, I formally launched the HARD WORK DEDICATION movement. What began as a simple t-shirt design has now evolved into a broader mission to change lives through random acts of motivation.